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Softcover, Fiction/Mystery, 360 pages

ISBN: 978-1-939017-06-2



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About this Book:

When murder visits the seemingly sleepy town of Androscoggin, Maine, it lands in the lap of veteran New York Times crime reporter Jack McMorrow, a recent transplant from the city. As McMorrow struggles to find his way in a small, rural town, an undercurrent 
of violence draws him into deep and dangerous waters. A New York Times Notable Paperback.


Criminal Behavior

Criminal Behavior

By Katy Kelleher
Contributing Editor 

Author Gerry Boyle is always looking for his next villain. Or victim.

“Good writers are really observers,” he says, as he sips coffee at a table in the back of a café in Brunswick.

“See that guy?” Boyle asks, gesturing toward a blandly handsome middle-aged man in a white shirt who he has been watching for the past fifteen minutes. “He was watching the young woman over there. It might be nothing, but when you write crime, you assume the worst. In my imagination, in those few minutes, he became a villain." 

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New Gerry Boyle Short Story

To celebrate the re-release of "Deadline" and "Bloodline" from the popular Jack McMorrow series by Gerry Boyle, Gerry is sharing an original short story that takes place in 1994, ulimately linking the two stories together. 

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Gerry Boyle

About this Author

Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers, an industry he calls the “best training ground ever.” After graduating from Colby College, Gerry k



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