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Across the Reach

Hardcover, 270 pages, Young Adult Fiction, Ages 11-15

ISBN: 978-1-58726-518-1



About this Book:

Being exiled to her grandparents’ house in Maine for the entire summer vacation seemed about the worst thing that could happen to eleven-year-old Elizabeth. Then she thought about strange Great-Grammie Henley! How could Elizabeth spend all summer with the withered old woman who clutches a worn rag doll and speaks nonsense?

In Across the Reach, her first novel for middle readers, Cynthia Reynolds draws from her childhood summers spent near the ocean in Maine to craft a story about the special bonds that unite family members, at times across many generations and through the darkest of family secrets.

“Stories,” writes Reynolds, “are magical creations whose people and places take on a new life with each retelling. Fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of Kool-Aid, sit down in your favorite reading place, and let me introduce you to my family and our beautiful home state of Maine. Come with me across the reach …”

Published by Mitten Press

Across the Reach
Cynthia Furlong Reynolds

About this Author

An award-winning journalist, Cynthia Furlong Reynolds has written a dozen children’s books, a chapter book series for elementary students, several novels, six histories, and a writing textbook. The author of ...


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