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Con Fullam

The State of Maine is a wild and wondrous world of music. These CDs are meant to celebrate that music, and the immense talent behind it, by highlighting their lives, songs and stories.

Choosing the first 26 artists for Volume One was both a privilege and a challenge as for each chosen, there are so many more equally deserving.

There are some artists on this CD from here, some "from away," and some from here who must live elsewhere to ply their trade. The one common thread between them all is their strong and abiding love for the State of Maine and her people. Their contributions to the world of music both here in Maine and throughout the world is both deep and profound and in some cases historic. A glance through their bio pages in the booklet will bring those achievements to light.

It is my conservative guess that the artists included on these CDs account for more than 200 million records sold, 25 Grammy Awards and 50 top ten hits throughout the world -- and for a state this size that's truly amazing!

And so ... listen to the tunes, read about the artists and I hope that you will agree that the Amazing Music of Mainers is wicked good.

Con Fullam, Producer

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