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Frenchboro Church

Frenchboro Church

The Outer Long Island Congregational Church was founded July 23, 1889. Its formation was spearheaded by Alexander P. MacDonald, who years later would found the Maine Sea Coast Missionary Society. The chapel, which is still in use, was built and dedicated on Sept. 10, 1890. Services are held monthly during the winter months and weekly in July and August. Services typically start at 10 a.m.

Frenchboro is the official name of the town located on Long Island in Blue Hill Bay, Maine. It is located approximately eight miles from Mount Desert Island. The town of Frenchboro is actually made up of 12 islands. They are: Long Island, Crow Island, Harbor Island, Mount Desert Rock, Great Duck Island, Little Duck Island, Black Island, Placentia, the two Green islands, Pond Island, and Drum Island. The island supports a seasonal restaurant, a bed & breakfast, a seasonal museum, a full-time post office, a lobster pound and a used book reseller. There is no general store, limited general services and limited ferry service. Frenchboro is one of just a handful of year-round island fishing villages on the coast of Maine.

Established as a community in 1822, the island now has a population of about 70, with about 20 children of elementary school age or younger – up from just one in the 1970s. Island attractions and activities include great walking trails, breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic and outer islands, a working one-room school, and the Frenchboro Historical Society Museum and Gift Shop.

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