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Leslie Mansmann

Leslie Ann Windstein Mansmann has shared her talent of nature illustrations and commercial production for many years. She has published several children’s books and humor books as well as a myriad of educational publications.

Raised on a horse farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania, immersed in nature’s bounty, she soon began expressing her love of nature through her art. Leslie was formally trained at the Philadelphia College of Art, specifically in illustration, gaining inspiration by the network of commercial artists surrounding her.

In 2000, after living in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and West Virginia, Mansmann moved with her family to the coastal town of North Yarmouth, Maine, where thirty years earlier, she had spent her honeymoon. While in Maine, she has provided illustrations for the children’s books When I'm With You and At One In a Place Called Maine, and a number of other publications. For At One, she employed a painting style that features gouache, an opaque watercolor that allows for more vibrant, bold colors and cleaner lines than those found in traditional watercolors.

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