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Who Would Like a Christmas Tree?

A Tree for Each Season

Softcover, 32 pages, 11 x 7.75, Nonfiction Children's Picture Book, Age 4-8

ISBN: 978-1-944762-83-4

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About this Book:

Who would like a Christmas tree? The answer may surprise you! From January through December, these trees are food, shelter, nesting grounds, and much more for diverse animals and insects. Readers delight in turning the page to see what purpose the balsam fir has for the white-tailed deer, the monarch butterflies, the fox, or the black-capped chickadees. In the back of the book, the Christmas tree farmer speaks of what she does to take care of her farm around the year. Now for the first time in paperback!
Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? by Ellen Bryan Obed
  • Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? by Ellen Bryan Obed
  • Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? back cover
  • Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? look inside
  • Who Would Like a Christmas Tree? look inside

"Cross-hatched ink and watercolor drawings create lovely, varied scenes of this special habitat in all seasons, while the text gives voice to the creatures sharing it with the fir trees. An original read-aloud choice for the Christmas season.”

"Though presented as a Christmas book, this informative introduction to the different animals inhabiting a Maine tree plantation can be enjoyed year-round."
––School Library Journal

Ellen Bryan Obed

About this Author

Growing up in Maine, Ellen Bryan Obed came to know the balsam fir as one of her favorite trees. She made little pillows of balsam needles with her sister in summertime. She helped her family bank the house with balsam bo...


About this Illustrator

Anne Hunter grew up exploring the fields and swamps of South Florida in the company of birders who taught her the names of trees, plants, insects and animals. She now makes her home with her family in the woods of Southe...


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