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Wildlife on the Move Series

Four Board Book Gift Set

Four Board Books, 12 boards each, Children's Board Book, Nonfiction, Ages 2 - 6 (Grades preK-2)

ISBN: 978-1-939017-48-2, 978-1-939017-70-3, 978-1-939017-92-5, 978-1-944762-11-7


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About this Book:

The Wildlife on the Move series of board books is a publishing partnership between Maine Audubon and Islandport Press. The goal of the series is to bring well-written, engaging stories about wildlife migration, conservation, and respectful human interaction with nature to a Pre-K through second-grade audience. Islandport writers, editors, and designers work with naturalists at Maine Audubon to produce a scientifically accurate, narrative nonfiction story that is gorgeously illustrated and designed to appeal to a young audience. This gift set includes four titles: A Snowy Owl Story, A Little Brown Bat Story, A Blanding's Turtle Story, and A Monarch Butterfly Story.

Wildlife on the Move Series
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Melissa Kim

About this Author

Melissa Kim is the author of six children’s books (including a series of books on endangered animals), one adult guidebook, and countless articles for children’s magazines. She



About this Illustrator

Jada Fitch grew up in a family-built log cabin in Sebago, Maine. Much of her childhood was spent attending art classes, working on craft projects, and building forts at her grandp



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