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Random Act

A Jack McMorrow Mystery #12

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 380 pages, Fiction/Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-944762-68-1



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About this Book:

Winner, Crime Fiction, 2020 Maine Literary Award

Love is hell . . . or maybe it's just who we choose to love. After all, how do we really know who anyone is? When Maine's favorite reporter, Jack McMorrow, heads out to the hardware store on a routine errand, little does he know that he's about to witness a senseless murder that will have vicious repercussions. With his instinct and nose for news, McMorrow chases leads that take him into the dark side of Downeast Maine—the side tourist brochures don't show. At the same time, his friend Louis falls for a mysterious blonde with Russian ties and a hankering for money and intrigue that could put everything Jack loves in peril. In RANDOM ACT, author Gerry Boyle's twelfth McMorrow mystery, everything seems like a coincidence—until it doesn't.


“This too-little-known Maine noir series boasts cracking dialogue, wonderful plotting, and a lot of heart."

"Well-developed characters and convincing dialogue propel Boyle’s solidly plotted 12th mystery featuring Maine freelance journalist Jack McMorrow . . . Readers will enjoy spending time in Jack’s head as he thinks through the murder case."
—Publishers Weekly

 "I’ll go out on a limb and say that this may be the best installment in the series I’ve read thus far, and that’s saying a lot. Mr. Boyle continues to let his characters, such as Jack, Roxanne and their neighbour Clair grow freely; their development has not been hurried along from book to book. Outstandingly, Mr. Boyle’s storytelling and particularly the dialogues are as crisp and sharp as ever . . .  If you haven’t read any of the eleven previous Jack McMorrow Mystery Series, don’t worry. Random Act would be a good place to get initiated into Jack’s world. It’s a very different Maine from what summer visitors see. Five stars for a first-rate, fast-paced yet intelligent murder-suspense-mystery. Add it to your summer reading list."
—The Miramichi Reader

"It is exceptionally well done, as are the points he raises about the price of friendship and loyalty. Random Act is a book of two threads, each of which holds its own. This may be the most insightful book Boyle has written.  It may also be his best."
––LJ's Mystery Reviews

"The series began in 1993 and just keeps getting better."
––Bill Bushnell on Books, Central Maine Newspapers

"Boyle, who lives and writes in Winslow, does so many things well in his McMorrow series – from story and plotting to writing compelling characters. … It will make avid fans of McMorrow eager to know what comes next."
––Frank O. Smith, Maine Sunday Telegram

Gerry Boyle

About this Author

Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers, an industry he calls the “best training ground ever.” After graduating from Colby College, Gerry k



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