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Thoughts of an Average Joe

Softcover, 208 pages, Fiction, Humor

ISBN: 978-1-939017-26-0

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About this Book:

In 2009, author Brian Daniels created Joe Wright—a clueless, middle-aged, thick-around-the-middle man hopelessly stuck in the twentieth century. Thoughts of an Average Joe is the hilarious rambling of a man whose commentaries voice the confusion and angst of a simple, old dude trying to make sense of life in the modern world.

In this book, Joe offers his thoughts about the many issues that confuse or annoy him: “I’m Not Ready for the Wireless World,” “Poachers Are Not Hunters,” and “I’m Comfortable in My Old Skin,” are just a few examples. He, like many men, struggles to understand his “little woman” and others of her gender in several essays, including “I’m Afraid of the Little Woman,” and “I’ve Noticed That Women Are Not Like Men."

You’ll meet Joe, Smalltown (his beloved northern New England hometown), his fascinating friends and family members, Dan’s Market, Small-Mart, Blake’s Esso Station, and the Smalltown News. He hopes his stories will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. Maybe you’ll even agree with most of his Thoughts. If not, he’ll be quick to tell you . . . well . . . you are just wrong.

Thoughts of an Average Joe

"These short essays are not only very funny, they are stunningly accurate in their vivid portrayal of growing up, working, marrying, raising a family and living in a small, rural Maine town."

—Bill Bushnell, Kennebec Journal
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Q+A with "Thoughts of An Average Joe" author Brian Daniels

Q+A with

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting with Brian Daniels at the Royal Bean in Yarmouth to talk about his new book, Thoughts of an Average Joe. The book, which launches in April, tells the story of Joe Wright, a loveable curmudegon who is hopelessly stuck in the 21st century. Think Stephen Colbert minus the suit and tie.  

Read more of the interview here.

Brian Daniels

About this Author

Brian Daniels is an avid outdoorsman, a newspaper columnist, novelist, musician, and songwriter. Many of his songs, including four title tracks, have been recorded by eight different artists. His first novel, Luke