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Return of Old Maine Woman

Tales of Growing Up and Getting Older

Softcover, adult nonfiction, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 168 pages

ISBN: 978-1-939017-30-7

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About this Book:

Finalist, 2015 New England Society Book Award

The Old Maine Woman returns with her customary combination of sass, insight, and nostalgia in a host of new essays that shed their own particular light on the quandaries of being female, growing up, getting married, and getting older as a woman in the northern parts of the state.

The twinkling eyes of Glenna Johnson Smith don’t miss much, a skill that served her well when she was a seventh and eighth grade teacher, and also allow her to capture the deeper meaning beneath life’s seemingly mundane moments. Filled with grace, humor, and fortitude, Return of Old Maine Woman will captivate the reader with its straightforward observations and heartwarming outlook. For anyone who has longed to hear the insight of a relative that has seen something of this life, Return of Old Maine Woman will fill that role, and more. Join Glenna Johnson Smith in this lovely and engaging book, as she recounts what she has taught and what she has learned during the better part a century well-lived.

Return of Old Maine Woman
Glenna Johnson Smith

About this Author

Glenna Johnson Smith was born in 1920 in Ashville, Maine, in coastal Hancock County. In 1941, she graduated from the University of Maine, married, and moved to a farm in Easton, in Maine's Aroostook County. A teacher



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