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Sea Change

A Man, A Boat, A Journey Home

Softcover, 280 pages, 5.5 x 8, Nonfiction/Autobiography

ISBN: 978-1-944762-40-7

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About this Book:

What complex inner tides takes a man out to sea for a year?

In this fast-paced and rollicking book, author Maxwell Taylor Kennedy takes readers on a wild ride as he relates the harrowing voyage to deliver his boat, Valkyrien, a 77-foot dilapidated wooden schooner, from San Francisco to Washington, DC. From day one, Kennedy and his skeleton crew face almost insurmountable odds and personal danger in their quest to make the crossing. Rich in nautical detail and humor, Kennedy recounts his adventure––its pleasures and perils––as he encounters never-ending technical problems and a hilarious cast of characters. As everything goes wrong and trouble and losses mount, Kennedy must rely on instinct and a lifetime of sailing experience to endure. He is steered by the love his family, his respect for the sea, and his admiration for those who dare to venture far from shore.

Sea Change

“ . . . I couldn’t put this book down . . . What is the redeeming quality of this narrative of self-inflicted calamity? What propelled me to finish it? It was Kennedy’s honest assessment of himself. . . . There are lessons herein, and they aren’t about seamanship. This book, rather, is about the costs and consequences of blind drive, unbridled ambition, and perceived invincibility.”
–– Matthew P. Murphy, Wooden Boat Magazine

Sea Change is a riveting sailing story, deeply thoughtful and startlingly honest in the telling [ . . . ] Whether you read this book for pure escapism or to satisfy a nautical interest, as a sailor or a landlubber, Sea Change will richly reward the attention of any reader of true adventure.
––The Miramichi Reader
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"For sailors out there, Maxwell Taylor Kennedy’s newest book, Sea Change:  A Man, A Boat, A Journey Home, provides a gripping adventure even a landlubber would appreciate. With the swagger of a sea story, a monumental task pursued, hardships faced with subtle glints of humor thrown in for measure, the book tackles the reality boats bring to their owners— boats are a living, breathing, man-made creation, wrapped in beauty, yet flawed and sometimes even cruel in manner."
––RJ Heller, Bangor Daily News

"Every paragraph rings true . . . as the story unfolds, it becomes a story of a man coming to grips with who he is."
––Steve White, Owner, Brooklin Boat Yard Inc.

"I wonder how men can set on a voyage into black water filled with demons. The truth is we set sail with our own demons. This is a daring story of perseverance, desperation, self-enlightenment and humility. A man, a boat, a dream of the sea. This is the story of a mariner and love."
––Captain Keith Colburn, F/V Wizard, as seen on Deadliest Catch

"A fascinating, harrowing, and ultimately uplifting tale of one man's struggle with his demons and the elements, Sea Change will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 
––Nathaniel Philbrick, National Book Award Winner, In the Heart of the Sea

"I detest swimming, boats of all stripes, every variety of fish, and anything that's maritime in general, including nautical fashion . . . And yet, after reading Max Kennedy's brilliant and compelling journey, I'm now ready to grow a beard, stock up on provisions, and set sail into the sunset. Coming about!" 
––Larry David, Writer/Comedian, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Maxwell Taylor Kennedy

About this Author

Maxwell Taylor Kennedy is a sailor, attorney, historian, and teacher.  He is the author of Danger's Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her,<



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