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Bert and I Stem Inflation

ISBN: 978-1-944762-35-3

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About this Book:

The iconic "Bert and I" stories were first created by Yale University students Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan in the late 1950s and performed around campus. The two amateur storytellers soon recorded a short 10-inch album of 11 stories for friends and family, but ultimately pressed just a few hundred. Bert and I Stem Inflation includes 22 hilarious tracks. 1. Bert and I Stem Inflation 2. No News 3. Bear in the Spring 4. The Pet Turkey 5. Too Late, Mr. Perkins 6. Texas vs. Maine 7. Frost, you Say? 8. Life Insurance 9. Lewis Bayard and the Judge 10. Bert and I and the Bricks 11. Bert and I Solve the Energy Crisis 12. Buryin’ 13. The Whole Land 14. Suicide 15. The Insect Powder Agent 16. Cutler Harbor 17. Bear and the Slicker 18. Conversation on a Train 19. The Clam Quartet 20. Birth Control 21. Bottle Squatting 22. Harry Whitefield Flies to NY
Bert and I Stem Inflation Cover
  • Bert and I Stem Inflation Cover
  • Bert and I CD Interior