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Buzzed: Beers, Booze, & Coffee Brews

Where to Enjoy the Best Craft Beverages in New England

Softcover, 216 pages, 5.5 x 7, b/w, Travel/Food

ISBN: 978-1-939017-65-9

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About this Book:

Buzzed taps into New England’s burgeoning craft beer industry, longtime coffeehouse culture, and the up-and-coming world of craft distilling. With an everyman perspective and sharp wit, award-winning food and travel writer Erik Ofgang takes readers on a rollicking tour of New England’s booming craft beverage scene. Focusing on craft beverage clusters (areas where breweries, distilleries, and great coffeehouses can be found in close proximity to one another), Buzzed tells readers all they need to know about visiting a particular drinking establishment. This travel guide is packed with inside information gathered directly from brewers and distillers, as well as bar trivia facts, historical tidbits, and Ofgang’s smart, humorous observations. Ofgang also suggests side trips, which include must-see museums, walking trails, and the standout attractions that make New England such a vibrant vacation destination.

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“Anyone with an appreciation for [beer and coffee] would be well-advised to peruse Buzzed when looking for their next great craft beverage.”
––The Ellsworth American


“If your goal is to keep your finger on the pulse of all that is New England craft beer, Erik is your lifeblood."
––Kevin Mardorf, and

"No matter where you are in New England, from Boston to Burlington to Bridgeport, Erik has great recommendations for you."
––George Smith, 
Full review here

"With lively story-telling, an eye for detail, and a keen palate, Erik Ofgang brings New England’s breweries, coffeehouses, and distilleries to life. His enthusiasm drips from every page."
––Josh Pahigian, The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip 101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out

"Combining Erik Ofgang's unrivaled expertise and passion for craft beverages with his inviting writing and sober dedication to task makes for a heady concoction that will have you eager to get out and explore."
––Ray Bendici, Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Connecticut History

Find Out Where To Get A Good Buzz From New Fairfield Author's New Book

Find Out Where To Get A Good Buzz From New Fairfield Author's New Book

New Fairfield author and travel writer Erik Ofgang gives you the answer in his book, “Buzzed: Beers, Booze & Coffee Brews,” that was recently published by Islandport Press in Yarmouth, Maine.

"Each chapter in the book focuses on a different liquid vacation destination -- an area where you can find a really good brewery, distillery and coffeehouse, all in a close proximity," said Ofgang, 30, who is also a writer at Connecticut Magazine.

To gather material for his book, Ofgang traveled to over 45 venues across New England. His wife, Corinne Ofgang, who works as a counselor in Newtown, was the designated driver for their 16 overnight trips.

For each destination in his book, Ofgang provides its back story.

To read the full Ridgefield Daily Voice article, visit here.

Q+A with "Buzzed" Author Erik Ofgang

Q+A with

Buzzed: Beers, Booze & Coffee Brews by award-winning food and travel writer Erik Ofgang releases locally in May. The comprehensive travel guide highlights the best craft beverages throughout New England, providing readers with an insider's perspective gathered from brewers and distillers. You'll also find fun bar trivia facts, historical tidbits and Erik's humorous observations. 

Erik was kind enough to sit down with us recently for our 5 questions with the author series:

Read the full interview here

Magic Man: A Connecticut Writer, Magician, and Singer Releases Book on New England Craft Beverages

Magic Man: A Connecticut Writer, Magician, and Singer Releases Book on New England Craft Beverages

On a Monday afternoon in 2000, fourteen-year-old Erik Ofgang left home in Connecticut bound for lower Manhattan. Ofgang had never navigated the city alone and was searching for a specific hotel. Eventually, he spotted the art deco façade and unmistakable gold and black overhang of the Hotel Edison and he knew he was in the right place. He had come seeking magicians, and in this old New York hotel café, he found them. Lots of them.

Read more of this blog feature here.

Erik Ofgang

About this Author

Erik Ofgang is an award-winning writer, musician, and magician whose work regularly appears in dozens of magazines and newspapers throughout the country, including The Associated Press, The Hartford Courant



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