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Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet

Board Book, 24 pages, 6 x 6, Children's, Ages 2-6

ISBN: 978-1-934031-87-2



About this Book:

From harbors and islands to deer and moose, Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet covers her entire home state of Maine, showcasing her bold, striking signature illustrations of wildlife and coastal scenes. This book is near and dear to Ipcar's heart, serving as a kind of love letter to her home state where she has lived and worked for almost 75 years. Her affection for Maine rings true in each letter, from "A is for animals, wild and free," to W, "for woodlands of wonder for you and for me." In the last illustration, which the 94-year-old artist did especially for this edition, she invites young readers to "Walk in my woods and you will see / X, Y and Z high in a tree."

Maine Alphabet contains illustrations from twelve of Ipcar's previous children's books, most of which are out of print, as well as one original piece. This alphabet book is sure to become a classic, a must-have for any Maine child's bookshelf!

Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet
  • Dahlov Ipcar's Maine Alphabet
  • Maine Alphabet back cover
  • Maine Alphabet look inside
  • Maine Alphabet look inside
  • Maine Alphabet look inside
Dahlov Ipcar

About this Author

In a career spanning more than eighty years, Maine artist Dahlov Ipcar (1917-2017) wrote and illustrated more than thirty children's and young adult books, starting with The Little Fish



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