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A Collection of Maine Outdoor Stories

Softcover, 216 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Nonfiction

ISBN: 978-1-944762-77-3



About this Book:

There is nothing that outdoors columnist John Holyoke loves more than a good story. In his first book, Evergreens, Holyoke shares a curated collection of his favorite essays featuring people who are passionate about the outdoors, as well as his memorable encounters with creatures—from salmon to deer to moose to squirrels—that fascinate and confound him. Sprinkled throughout are memories of the events that have shaped him as he recounts the benefits of spending time with friends in the woods, fields, and waters of Maine. As Holyoke says, “I am here to take you on an adventure. Along the way, you’re welcome to laugh, or cry, or smile, or reach for the phone to call an old friend and tell them that they still matter.”

Evergreens by John Holyoke cover
  • Evergreens by John Holyoke cover
  • Evergreens back cover

"The stories in Evergreens reflect Holyoke’s approach to writing and life, incorporating compassion, humor, curiosity and relationships. It isn’t a 'hook and bullet' book, Holyoke said. Readers don’t have to be experts on the outdoors to appreciate it: The stories are centered more around people than animals."
––The Piscataquis Observer


"What is clear in Evergreens is that, like most successful storytellers, Holyoke can find a story wherever there are outdoors people doing what they love best. His book reflects this, as well as the outdoor columnist’s passion for his craft and his genuine respect for others. Evergreens is an authentic slice of the Maine Outdoors heritage and Holyoke’s best writing over his career, a wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any outdoors person."
––V. Paul Reynolds

December 19: Meet John Holyoke at the Briar Patch

December 19: Meet John Holyoke at the Briar Patch

Meet John Holyoke, author of "Evergreens" at a book signing at The Briar Patch on Thursday, December 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. The Briar Patch is located at 27 Central Street in Bangor, 04401. For more information, call the bookstore at 207-941-0255. This will be the last time to get personalized copies before Christmas!

John Holyoke

About this Author

John Holyoke is an award-winning journalist who has been entertaining and informing readers of the Bangor Daily News for twenty-five years. His natural curiosity has helped make him a master of the “People Story



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