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Here for Generations (Revised Edition)

The Story of a Maine Bank and its City

Hardcover, 382 pages, Nonfiction Regional History

ISBN: 978-1-944762-07-0

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About this Book:

Here for Generations tells the remarkable tale of a town and a bank that have moved in concert for 150 years. The book captures their sweeping history through triumph and tragedy and brings to life the fascinating people and events that have shaped their journey. The bank’s roots were set in the 1830s, when the bustling city of Bangor lured the best and the brightest of Maine’s adventurers to its port and commercial center. Bangor was the Lumber Capital of the World, complete with all the intrigue of a riverfront boomtown-potential riches and busted dreams, wealthy lumber barons, and rowdy lumbermen and sailors. Among those who arrived in this city on the rise were Elijah L. Hamlin and twenty-three other men. Most came from humble origins, but all came with a dream. Through hard work and vision, they built businesses and institutions and emerged as the city’s great leaders. In 1852, these men—businessmen, lawyers, artisans, and merchants—came together in a philanthropic effort to create Bangor Savings Bank.
Here for Generations, The Story of a Maine Bank and its City

"Well-indexed and finely bound and printed, 'Here for Generations' is destined to become the quintessential reference book on Bangor." –Bangor Daily News

"Lunt is a polished and entertaining writer who has done his homework. ... (H)e makes these subjects interesting." –Central Maine Newspapers

Dean Lunt

About this Author

An eighth-generation island native, Dean Lunt was born and raised in the island fishing village of Frenchboro. His ancestors arrived on Mount Desert Island in the late 1700s and many of the



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