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Mary Peters

Softcover, 314 pages, Fiction

ISBN: 978-0-9763231-5-0



About this Book:

Follow the life of the strong and independent Mary Peters, from her adventurous life at sea with her family at age nine to her later years as she comes to terms with the hometown that is almost unrecognizable from the vibrant seafaring town it was when she left. Mary Peters is filled with romance and delightful descriptions of life and residents Down East a century ago.

Mary Peters is the first of Mary Ellen Chase’s highly acclaimed and bestselling Maine novels, capturing in vivid, compelling detail and historical accuracy a period of transition and turmoil along the coast of Maine in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The novel is filled with wonderful details of the natural world, both at sea and on land. It also captures the pervasive changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution as coastal people stood on the brink of a new world, slowly turning from the glorious era of sail to serving the incoming tide of wealthy summer vacationers.

Robert P. Tristam Coffin said this about Mary Peters: “This is not a novel, but a symphony … Those who still love life for its nobleness and the designs of its rhythms will thank Mary Ellen Chase from the bottom of their hearts. Her book is magnificent.”

Mary Ellen Chase

About this Author

Mary Ellen Chase (1887-1973) was born and raised in Blue Hill, Maine. She graduated from the University of Maine and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota before serving thirty years as a leading faculty mem



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