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Black Fly Stew: Simple Gourmet Lamb

with Side Dishes and Wine Pairings

Softcover, 110 pages, Cookbook

ISBN: 978-1934031-97-1

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About this Book:

Kate Krukowski Gooding returns to release another in her Black Fly Stew series: Simple Gourmet Lamb with Side Dishes and Wine Pairings.

This time around, Kate is offering up tantalizing lamb recipes, colorfully tasteful side dishes and paired grapes and wine for a total meal. It is an eclectic collection of over 100 recipes from India, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, France, Romania and more.

Simple Gourmet Lamb
Kate Krukowski Gooding

About this Author

Kate was raised between Enfield, Connecticut and Jackman, Maine. Working and running restaurants, catering events and private parties, she put herself through college. A self-trained chef, Kate hostesses annual Solsti



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