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The Scallop Christmas

Hardcover, 36 pages, Children's, Ages 4-9

ISBN: 978-1-934031-25-4

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About this Book:

2010 Maine Lupine Honor Award
Honorable Mention, Best Children’s Book, 2010 Maine Literary Award

Times were tough in the small New England fishing village where Marcie lived. No one had any money, and work was hard to find. So the villagers rejoiced one glorious fall when an unexpected bounty of scallops filled their little bay. For young Marcie, a week of harvesting scallops also brought an unexpected adventure and a lesson about love that she would never forget.

The Scallop Christmas

"This nostalgic tale of a very special gift - not the special Christmas present itself but the love it symbolizes - is the first children's book by Jane Freeberg. Set in a Maine coastal village, the story of a family working together during the Depression provides a glimpse into the past with its description of scallop harvesting, as well as a good lesson about what really matters. Astrid Sheckel's watercolors create a strong sense of time and place."

– Elizabeth Kennedy, Children's Books, Best Children's Books of 2009

"Once in a great while something different comes along that is truly absorbing and moving and tells this tale of the Christmas spirit in words and illustrations in a way that is both very familiar and very new. Such a book is The Scallop Christmas, by Jane Freeberg and Astrid Sheckels ... young readers will not only get a deep enjoyment from the happy ending of the tale, in the process they will have learned something about scallops, courage under pressure and the rewards of patience."

– Nan Lincoln, The Bar Harbor (ME) Times

"Sheckels adds color, vitality, a crispness and life to all 32 pages of her new book ..." – The Greenfield (MA) Recorder

Jane Freeberg

About this Author

Author Jane Freeberg (1933-2019) grew up in Queens, N.Y., and graduated from Adelphi College with a degree in English. Eventually she moved to Georgetown Island in Midcoast Maine where she resided for



About this Illustrator

Astrid Sheckels was born and raised in the farming town of Hatfield, Massachusetts. She cannot remember a time when she wasn't listening to, telling or illustrating stories. She grew up with her father's and grandfath



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