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Portland in the 1970s

An Iconic Era; An Iconic City

Take it Easy revisits the uneasy days of the seventies through a remarkable collection of more than 130 long-forgotten, black-and-white images captured by dishwasher, cab driver, and budding street photographer John Duncan. In images shot while hanging with friends, walking the streets, or driving his taxi, Duncan emotionally and evocatively captured the innocence, mood, fun, spirit, struggle, and melancholy of a city and its people during an iconic era. As Duncan clicked away with his Canon at the fleeting moments, capturing his daily life with remarkable honesty, the downtown's luster slowly crumbled. But its department stores still beckoned shoppers, rowdy dive bars ruled the night, and young people could still find affordable rents, cheap meals, and good times.

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TheAdventures Begin!

Hector Fox and the Giant Quest

"There was a rumor that a huge, shadowy creature was living in the Forbidden Marsh, out beyond the Dark Forest, and it just might be a fairy-tale giant. In a quest to learn the truth, Hector Fox and his merry band of friends journey far from the safety of their home on a grand adventure. Following twists and turns, a capsized boat, and some unexpected help from a friend, the gang make a surprising discovery —a giant discovery! Hector Fox and the Giant Quest is the first in a series of books featuring the delightful adventures of Hector Fox and his charming woodland friends—Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Lucy Skunk, and Jeremiah Rabbit—as they seek adventure, hunt for giants, solve mysteries, and build friendships.


ASTRID SHECKELS cannot remember a time when she was not drawing animals, especially imaginary ones, or telling stories about them. She felt right at home creating Hector Fox and his friends and bringing them and their world to life with her detailed watercolor illustrations. A native of New England, Astrid lives in Western Massachusetts. She is the awardwinning illustrator of Nic and Nellie (which she also wrote), The Scallop Christmas, and The Fish House Door.”

Autumn Leaves

The Best Maine Fiction. Period.