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Down the Road a Piece

A Storyteller’s Guide to Maine

Softcover, 158 pages, Humor

ISBN: 978-0-9763231-3-6

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About this Book:

We thought about calling this “Get Lost with John McDonald.” The author wanted to call it just “Get Lost!” Regardless of the title, McDonald is back, this time offering tips to tourists and trying to help them better “understand” the state of Maine – from its history to its weather to its unique vocabulary. It’s also great for natives looking to brush up on their home state or just looking to laugh. Hilarious.

In Down the Road a Piece, McDonald – also a weekend talk show host in Portland, a newspaper columnist, and founder of the Maine Storytellers’ Festival – provides a colorful version of Maine history, gives his take on Maine destinations that should not be missed, helps interpret Maine-speak, and offers tips on where to shop, what authentic Maine food to eat, and much more.

“I traveled all over the state to put together this wicked funny comprehensive guide, and it’s just loaded to the gunn’lls with everything you need to know about Maine, and a few things you probably shouldn’t,” McDonald says. “I hope you’ll get a mess of laughs out of it.”

Down the Road a Piece

"Some of the best stories are the ones we tell about ourselves, and nobody does it better than John McDonald."
Kennebec Journal

"It's all in good fun, sure to bring self-effacing chuckles from Mainers and good, honest laughter from those who know the state and its people only from depictions or stereotypes."
Bangor Daily News

John McDonald

About this Author

John McDonald, now regarded as a dean of Maine storytelling, got his start as a performer playing at local Downeast Maine events in the 1970s before catching his first big break when he was asked to perform on stage w



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