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Frances Perkins

Champion of the American Worker

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 176 pages, Middle Grade Nonfiction, Ages 8-12

ISBN: 978-1-944762-91-9



About this Book:

This middle-grade biography introduces young readers to Frances Perkins, the first woman to serve as a Presidential cabinet member and an extraordinary person who changed America. Perkins was a force in the mid-twentieth century who strived to improve the lives and safety of American workers of all ages. But before she became a changemaker, she was a girl growing up in New England, encouraged by her grandmother to project her voice, then a young woman attending Mount Holyoke College, outraged by factory working conditions and inspired to prompt real change. Eventually, Perkins emerged as the chief architect of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous New Deal and was instrumental in instituting workers' rights and benefits like child labor laws. Frances Perkins describes the events, places, and people who had a lifetime impact on Perkins and influenced her work. It serves to inspire middle schoolers to speak up for the greater good, not for fame, but simply to make the world a better place.

Frances Perkins by Ruth Cashin Monsell

"Ruth Monsell has written a vivid account of the life of Frances Perkins, rich in drama and detail." 
––Mick Caouette, filmmaker of Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare

"Frances Perkins is a welcome addition to the titles narrating the life of an important historical figure who is not as well-known as her record warrants. Monsell's peppy storytelling brings Perkins to life for young readers in this appealing biography [ . . .] Though it reads like fiction, this is the true story of a practical woman who improved the lives of all Americans."
––Sarah Peskin, Board Chair of the Frances Perkins Center

"... merits reading by people of all ages. [. . .] As one privileged to know Miss Perkins in the last five years of her life [. . .] I find that Ruth Monsell has created the truest portrait of the person I knew among the growing number of books and articles on Frances Perkins."
––Christopher N. Breiseth, Frances Perkins Center Board Member

Ruth Cashin Monsell

About this Author

Ruth C. Monsell lives in Damariscotta and Camden, Maine, and winters in Charleston, SC, where she actively pursues the arts, including music, graphic arts, and theater. She earned a bachelo



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