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Grammie’s Secret Cupboard

Hardcover, 32 pages, Children’s, Ages 4-9

ISBN: 978-1-58726-310-1



About this Book:

Grammie’s house is an exciting place to visit, especially if you get to stay with her all by yourself! When rain spoils the plans for a day at the beach, Grammie reveals a hidden cupboard full of special toys to delight any visiting child. Grammie has the uncanny ability to look inside a child and see the magic there. She carefully selects just the right thing for her granddaughter — a book that will take her on all the adventures her mind can imagine.

Published by Mitten Press

Grammie’s Secret Cupboard
Cynthia Furlong Reynolds

About this Author

An award-winning journalist, Cynthia Furlong Reynolds has written a dozen children’s books, a chapter book series for elementary students, several novels, six histories, and a writing textbook. The author of ...


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