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Kevin Tracewski

Kevin Tracewski is Maine guide, fishing enthusiast, and an instructor of biology at the University of Maine, Orono. He is the author of A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine, published by Islandport Press in 2009. An avid lifelong fisherman, he has published many articles in magazines including Outdoor Life, Fly Fisherman, Flyfishing, and the Atlantic Salmon Journal. He lives in Old Town, Maine.

On his website, Kevin writes: “Fishing has been an omnipresent influence in my life. As a guide, I have the opportunity to share my passion for fishing with other people, and introduce them to some of my special places. This is a great privilege, and a great responsibility. I’ve spent nearly 30 years fishing at least 60 days per season in Maine, and am not even close to getting tired of it. That’s because I am constantly discovering new favorite places to fish. These places, and the people I get to share them with, is what I like most like about fishing. Because for me, fishing, and the outdoors in general, serve both as a tonic, and a road map, for navigating my way through life in our modern world. Hopefully, we can spend a few days on this journey together.”

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