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More Bert and I (CD)

CD, 14 tracks, Humor

ISBN: 978-1-944762-28-5

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About this Book:

The iconic "Bert and I" stories were first created by Yale University students Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan in the late 1950s and performed around campus. The two amateur storytellers soon recorded a short 10-inch album of 11 stories for friends and family, but ultimately pressed just a few hundred. However, growing popularity prompted them in 1958 to record and release the seminal commercial album of New England humor and storytelling – "Bert and I . . .  And Other Stories from Down East." Featuring 19 stories, the album depicted Maine fishermen and woodsmen with dry, classic humor and set the tone of direction of the genre for decades.

In the early 1960s, the duo followed with "More Bert and I,” an album featuring 14 more stories, including the title track as well as “Tin Roof,” and “The Plane Ride."

Track List for More Bert and I:
1. More Bert and I
2. Tin Roof
3. President Harding
4. Not Just Yet
5. The Lament of Age
6. The Sleeping Porch
7. The Punt
8. Old Blue
9. The Plane Ride
10. Poorly
11. The Return of Virgil
12. The Government Fly
13. The Little Gull
14. Harry’s Return

More Bert and I
Robert Bryan

About this Author

Robert Bryan (1931-2018) helped launch Bert and I with Marshall Dodge in part by drawing upon his memories from childhood summers spent at his beloved Tunk Lake, where he was fascinated by the area's stories



Marshall Dodge

About this Author

Marshall "Mike" Dodge (1935-1982) stands undeniably as a godfather of Down East humor, bringing an energy and imagination to the stage that took him from a small Connecticut studio to his standing as the premier "New



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