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My Life in the Maine Woods

A Game Warden’s Wife in the Allagash Country

Softcover, 216 pages, Nonfiction, Outdoors

ISBN: 978-0-976323-19-8



About this Book:

Make no mistake: Annette Jackson loved the Maine woods. Loved nearly everything about them. She fished, hunted, canoed, hiked, and accompanied her husband—none other than famed game warden David Jackson—on many of his official travels. Throughout the Allagash region, Annette took full advantage of the gifts the Maine woods offered, all while keeping house and raising children.

My Life in the Maine Woods recounts Jackson’s experiences during the 1930s when she, her husband, and their children lived in a small cabin on the shore of Umsaskis Lake. Jackson, an avid sportswoman and nature lover, writes of hunting, fishing, campfire cooking, and the sounds of the wilderness through the seasons. She visits trappers and woodsmen, and tells what it’s like to sleep on a bed of pine boughs under the stars that shine on the legendary Allagash.

This new edition expands on Jackson’s original, including not only new photographs, author biography, and foreword, but also new material from Jackson and revisions she made following its original publication.

My Life in the Maine Woods by Annette Jackson

"If you have any interest in the Maine woods, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities, I’d highly recommend taking a look at this book. It provides great perspective into a lifestyle gone by."
— Jeremiah Wood,
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"This is a collection of humorous, conversational stories from Jackson’s time homesteading, raising children, encountering wildlife, and living in a neighborly way in Maine's remote northern Allagash territory in the 1930s. Jackson was not merely ‘a game warden’s wife’; she was a resourceful, capable sportswoman and nature lover and mother of four children, who managed to thrive in the wilderness of the North Woods. Her story is remarkable and inspiring.” 
––Katie Pinard, co-owner Elements: Books Coffee Beer

Annette Jackson

About this Author

Annette Jackson (1906-1971) grew up in Maine’s North Woods. She met Dave Jackson, a game warden at Umsaskis Lake in the Allagash Wilderness area, in 1930 and they were married two years later. While raising chil



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