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Once Burned (paperback)

Softcover, 456 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, Fiction/Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-939017-91-8



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About this Book:

Life is briefly as it should be for Jack McMorrow: He and his wife Roxanne have retreated from the stress and danger of their day jobs to raise their daughter Sophie. But when development and arson threaten the nearby town of Sanctuary, and a crazy accident brings back mistakes from Roxanne’s past, Jack’s nose for crime leads him into a darker and deeply twisted tale. Something explosive is smoldering beneath the glossy facades and picturesque town square in Sanctuary, and the enemy is closer than he thinks. In Once Burned, the 10th installment of the popular Jack McMorrow series, Jack takes readers along as he hunts a killer with a long memory and a dangerously short fuse.
Once Burned by Gerry Boyle

"Plot, characterization, atmosphere—everything works in Boyle’s excellent 10th Jack McMorrow mystery . . . Readers who enjoyed Robert B. Parker’s ability to create smart, convincing heroes with a tough-guy surface but warmly empathetic interior will welcome this worthy successor."
Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Once Burned is a well-written, suspenseful thriller. Its characters are uniquely different from one to the next. Boyle weaves his double-plot story with skill until all lines cross... Boyle skillfully creates unique characters you'll remember long after closing his book... Once Burned is action-packed with carefully drawn, memorable characters."
—Lloyd Ferriss, Portland Press Herald
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 "...there is plenty to enjoy for crime-fiction readers interested in character and comfortable with a slowly unwinding narrative."
—Don Crinklaw, Booklist

"In the 10th title in his Jack McMorrow series, Once Burned, Gerry Boyle evokes primal terror... Piling on plot threads and sharp twists, this page-turner is both a powerful work of crime fiction... Boyle proves once again that a really good mystery must be much more than an intricate and believable plot: It requires characters who speak to us, and echo our own loves and doubts."
—Beth Kanell, Kingdom Books Blog
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"Once Burned may be the best mystery McMorrow mystery yet—an intricate and clever plot, sharply defined characters, authentic Maine setting, snappy dialogue, and white-knuckle suspense."
—Bill Bushnell,
The full review can be found here.  

"The details are crisp, the writing is concise, and Boyle's keen observational skills come across in the character and dialogue."
—Steve Steinbock, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

"Once Burned is the tenth and newest volume of Gerry Boyle's outstanding 'McMorrow Mystery' series. A truly riveting read from first page to last, Once Burned continues to document novelist Gerry Boyle as a master of the mystery/suspense genre. Once Burned is enthusiastically recommended for community library collections."
Midwest Book Review 

“I’ve been waiting – impatiently - for years for a new novel by one of my favorite writers, Gerry Boyle. Well, it was worth the wait, because Gerry’s new novel, Once Burned, is a real page-turner. I actually read it in one day – literally could not stop reading. It is that good."
—George Smith
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"a taught, gripping story that gets more intriguing by the minute." 
––The Miramichi Reader
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Gerry Boyle

About this Author

Like many crime novelists, Gerry Boyle began his writing career in newspapers, an industry he calls the “best training ground ever.” After graduating from Colby College, Gerry k



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