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Test Your State-of-Maine Smarts!

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Study up on these fun facts about your favorite state, and then order Maine Trivia for even more even more categories fun questions!

On what date did Maine officially become an independent state?

March 15, 1820.

Maine was admitted to the Union as the twenty-third state as part of what famous compromise?

The Missouri Compromise. Maine was admitted as a free state and Missouri was allowed to enter as a slave state, to maintain a free-state, slave-state balance.

Prior to statehood, the so-called District of Maine was part of what other state?

Massachusetts. Apparently, the people of Massachusetts were so upset at losing Maine land that they’ve been buying the state back one house lot at a time ever since.

How many miles of coastline does Maine have?

It’s 225 miles as a crow flies, but roughly 3,500 miles if you walk the entire length of Maine’s picturesque coast along the high-water mark.

How many lakes and ponds can be found in Maine?

Roughly 6,000. If you want the exact number, count them yourself. We have better things to do.

Maine’s official motto is “Dirigo.” What does the word mean?

Dirigo is Latin for “I direct” or “I lead.” Notice that our motto doesn’t include a destination? If you’re heading north on the Maine Turnpike you’ll be directed to the York toll- booths. If you’re heading south on the turnpike you’ll be led to a fleecing from our New Hampshire neighbors at the Hampton tollbooth.

What is the Maine state flower?

Pinecone and tassel. Some don’t even realize this is a flower, and it certainly doesn’t show

up in many bridal bouquets (or any other bouquets, for that matter). But we love it—so there!

How many counties are located in Maine?

Maine has 16 counties.

What is the state’s official nickname?

The Pine Tree State—which is just so much better than The Coffee Brandy State or The Scratch-Ticket State, which I believe were two of the original suggestions.

What slogan began appearing on Maine license plates in 1936?


In 2012, what is the official slogan of the state’s tourism industry?

“Get lost!” No, no, that’s actually my personal slogan. It’s really “Maine—the way life should be.

How many area codes does Maine have?

A. One.

Q. What is the state’s area code?

A. 207.

Where does the Maine Turnpike begin and end?

The turnpike, dedicated in 1955, runs from Kittery to Augusta.

What percentage of Maine is forested?

Roughly 90 percent of Maine land is covered by trees.

What is the state animal?

Moose. A moose can grow up to seven feet tall at the shoulder and can weigh more than 1,500 pounds. A typical moose lives fifteen to twenty-five years. Virtually all tourists come to Maine to see a moose, eat a lobster, and photograph a lighthouse.

What is the state berry?

The blueberry, of course. Duh.

What is Maine’s largest lake?

Moosehead Lake (74,890 acres). Sebago Lake (28,771 acres) is a distant second.

What is Maine’s smallest lake?

We’re still trying to find it. We’ll let you know when we do.

What is Maine’s highest mountain?

Katahdin (5,267 feet).

How long is Maine at its widest point?

320 miles.

Maine has only one syllable in its name. What other state (or states) also have only one syllable?


The revised edition of Maine Trivia by Dean Lunt and John McDonald, available now for preorder, goes beyond just questions and answers, providing additional details on some of the most important events, inventions, and people in the state’s history. Lunt, an eighth-generation Maine native, is an editor, author, and former journalist. McDonald is a professional storyteller, former radio host, and author.

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