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May 10: Meet Brian Daniels


Author Brian Daniels ("Thoughts of An Average Joe") will be reading and signing books at The Freighthouse, 1000 Broad Street, Lyndonville, VT.


And Then We Said Goodbye


By Dean Lunt

The essay, "And Then We Said Goodbye," first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Spring 2017.

I don’t know when my grandmother forgot who I was—when those fiery eyes, once as clear as an autumn afternoon on the bay, completed their Alzheimer’s journey from knowi


The River Runs Through It


By Katy Kelleher

"The River Runs Through It: Author Jim Nichols on His Authentic Maine Fiction" first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Spring 2017. 

Jim Nichols’ writing career had a simple start: he ran out of thing


Letter from Troy


By Jennifer Wixson

"Letter from Troy: Land of Enchantment" first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Summer 2017.

 Maine is a land of many enchantments, especially in summertime.  

From June on, the heady fragrance of wild herbs accompanies me as I perform my daily farm work—weedin


Erica Brown: Bluegrass Darlin'


By Scott Sell

Erica Brown: Bluegrass Darlin' first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Summer 2017.

A few years into her Suzuki violin training, Erica Brown got bit by the bluegrass bug. It hit her hardest when her parents took her to Portland to see her hero, Alison Krauss. After the concert, the eight-year-old caught up with Krauss in the parking lot where Brown told her she’d been taking


Criminal Behavior


To create his gritty, authentic crime novels, author Gerry Boyle draws from real life. Despite their similarities, don’t get him confused with his law-breaking, tough-talking protagonist Jack McMorrow. 

My Top 5: Most Influential Bluegrass Musicians


By Brian Daniels

My Top 5: Most Influential Bluegrass Musicians first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Fall 2017

Brian Daniels, author of Thoughts of an Average Joe and the soon-to-be-release Seemed Like a Compliment to Me, was born


My Fantasy Island


Magic of an elemental kind is very much alive on MDI, and as a kid, running free around her shorelines and woods and streets, I felt it in my bones.

Beyond Bert & I


Beyond Bert & I: John McDonald Continues to Hone Maine Storytelling Tradition

My Top Five: Most Intriguing Maine Crimes


My Top Five: Most Intriguing Maine Crimes by Gerry Boyle first appeared in Islandport Magazine, Winter 2017.

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