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5 Questions with Marty Kelley


You may know Marty Kelley for his whimsical illustrations in a previous Islandport children's book, titled "Crustacean Vacation." Now he's back with a book all his own. "Albert's Almost Amazing Adventure" tells the story of a young boy who has just returned from a family vacation. As he tells his friends the details of his trip, they add their own twists and turns to create a family adventure like no other. Their stories take young readers on a roller coaster ride of imaginative scenes — Albert confronts a dinosaur, meets a mad scientist and even finds himself fighting pirates. Marty cleverly introduces what is real in black and white, and what is imagined in full color. 

We talked with Marty about grumpy wedding guests, his new love for black and white artwork, kids as book critics and more in our latest 5 questions with the author.   

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