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Accused: Fairfield’s Witchcraft Trials


Jakob Crane will have a graphic art exhibition at the Fairfield Museum in Connecticut that tells the tale of the witch trials that took place in Connecticut, almost a half-century before the Salem trials.

In 17th century New England religious beliefs and folk tradition instilled deep fears of magic, evil, and supernatural powers. How else to explain unnatural events, misfortune and the sudden convulsions and fits of local townspeople? In this exhibition, the fascinating history of Connecticut’s witchcraft trials is illuminated by author and illustrator Jakob Crane. In graphic novel form, powerful depictions of the events and characters are reimagined through storylines and pen and ink drawings.

Sept 25, 2014 - Jan 5, 2015 at the Fairfield Museum and History Center, 370 Beach Road, Fairfield CT. FMI:  (203) 259-1598