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Aimee DeGroat Wins 2019 Islandport Magazine Writing Contest


For the second year in a row, University of Maine at Farmington student Aimee DeGroat has won the Islandport Magazine Fiction Writing Contest, this time with a short story about the life of a young woman entrenched in poverty.

This year’s winning story, “Down to It,” paints a dark and, at times, disturbing portrait of life for Angie, a shoe factory worker living in rural Maine with her deadbeat boyfriend. Angie is faced with decisions that blur the line between right and wrong, and the line between loyalty and betrayal as she is forced to contemplate what is best for herself rather than those surrounding her.

“All the stories were judged blindly,” says Shannon Butler, operations manager at Islandport Press and 2013 graduate of the University of Maine at Farmington Creative Writing program. “Judges were unaware that DeGroat had entered the contest again this year. DeGroat's story rose to the top because of her undeniable ability to set a scene and immerse the reader in a place that feels real and true.”

The winning story and excerpts from two honorable mentions will be published in Islandport Magazine’s Spring 2019 issue which reaches more than 30,000 readers across the state of Maine and will be available on March 24.

Honorable mentions go to Bethany Wicks for her story “Frosted Windows and Salt Stains” and Meagan Jones for her story “The Wish.”

The Islandport Magazine Fiction Writing Contest was held in partnership with the University of Maine at Farmington Creative Writing Program. Open exclusively to UMF students, the contest guidelines asked for short fiction that represented Maine through setting or character. First prize was publication in Islandport Magazine.