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Susan Poulin’s Iconic Literary Character Ida LeClair set to turn 25


Islandport helps celebrate with revised edition of her classic book, Finding Your Inner Moose 

Yarmouth, Maine (June 12, 2020)—Nearly twenty-five years ago actress, writer, and storyteller Susan Poulin experienced a bolt of inspiration in the form of a chocolate-loving, make-up wearing, line-dancing, advice-dispensing, shopaholic alter-ego. In that moment, Ida LeClair was born.

And Ida, a sexagenarian who strides through life with an infectious joie de vivre, would forever change Poulin’s life. Poulin’s first play starring as Ida was “Ida: Woman Who Runs with the Moose!” in 1997 and she has followed that smash over the years with five more original Ida plays, an Ida blog, two Ida books, and countless performances and appearances.

“You’d think that spending so much time with Ida would get old, but it doesn’t,” Poulin said. “She continues to surprise and delight me.”

To celebrate Ida’s 25th Anniversary, Maine-based book publisher Islandport Press is releasing a revised edition of Poulin’s popular book, “Finding Your Inner Moose: Ida LeClair’s Guide to Livin’ the Good Life.” The book, officially scheduled for release on June 2, includes added sections, revised text, and a fresh new look.

In the book, which is the perfect starting point to learn about all things Ida, LeClair bills herself as a “Certified Maine Life Guide,” and she draws upon her experiences as a daughter, sister, wife, and best friend to offer practical and hilarious advice on relationships, physical fitness, stress, housecleaning, work, shopping, fun, and so much more. The fictitious, but-oh-so-familiar town of Mahoosuc Mills, Maine, plays an important role as a backdrop for the book.

“Ida LeClair has evolved into an iconic Maine literary and stage character under the loving guidance of Susan Poulin, a groundbreaking artist who brought a powerful, authentic, and funny female voice to classic Maine storytelling,” said Dean L. Lunt, editor-in-chief of Islandport Press. “Susan is not only hardworking, but a creative genius. The ever-expanding and evolving backstory and world which she has created for Ida opens the door to endless storytelling possibilities and is as intricate and memorable as anything of its kind in America, and that includes Lake Wobegone.”

Poulin is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine and has been performing and touring since 1992. She has written and performed five non-Ida plays and travels the country as an actor and facilitator for a theatre company based at the University of New Hampshire. She also wrote, “The Sweet Life: Ida LeClair’s Guide to Love & Marriage.” Poulin, who was born in Jackman, now lives in Eliot with her husband and collaborator, Gordon Carlisle. 

Islandport Press, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, is a dynamic, award-winning publisher dedicated to stories rooted in the essence and sensibilities of New England. For more information, please call visit or email