Chimney Pond Tales

During the early twentieth century, Leroy Dudley, ranger and guide at Chimney Pond on Mount Katahdin, enchanted outdoor enthusiasts with his yarns about Pamola, the Penobscot thunder god who protected the mountain. Recorded in the 1930s, the stories were published in 1991. Included in this new edition are photographs, a history of the book and its illustrations, and another story by Dudley.


Maine native Clayton Hall packed a wax cylinder recording machine and a portable typewriter to Chimney Pond to record Roy’s tales in the 1930s, planning to put them in a book. He became ill and the book was not published in his lifetime.


In 1982, finding her uncle, Clayton Hall’s manuscript in an attic, Maine native, Beth Harmon determined that the tales should be published. She along with illustrator and editor, Jane Thomas worked together and published Chimney Pond Tales.

Chimney Pond Tales

  • Assembled by Clayton Hall and Jane Thomas with Elizabeth Hall Harmon

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 114

    Genre: Mythology

    Ages: All

    ISBN: 978-1-938883-39-2

    Publication Date: 2013 (Maine Authors Publishing)

    Dimensions: 6 x 9

    Shipping Weight: .9