Lupine Honor Award Bundle

Did you know Chowder Rules! just won the 2020 Lupin Honor Award?


Help us celebrate, and grow your personal library, with this collection of Islandport's very own Lupine Honor Award winners: Chowder Rules by Anna Crowley Redding, What the Wind Can Tell You by Sarah Marie A. Jette, and The Scallop Christmas by Jane Freeberg. 


The three books are 30% off when you order this bundle! Offer ends Friday, May 7.


Lupine Honor Award Bundle

  • Chowder Rules

    Maine lawmaker Cleveland Sleeper loved steamy, creamy, dreamy clam chowder. Thoughts of tomatoes in his chowder made him see red. So he proposed a bill to make it a crime to add tomatoes to clam chowder. New Yorkers were offended! A war of words raged, until finally a duel of chefs settled the matter once and for all. The story behind the great chowder cook-off of 1939 is told by author Anna Crowley Redding with gusto, humor, and, of course, good taste.


    What the Wind Can Tell You

    Isabelle is fascinated by wind. And this year, she’s determined to win the middle school science fair with her wind machine. She’s just as determined to have her brother, Julian, who has a severe form of epilepsy and uses a wheelchair, serve as her assistant. But after Julian has a grand seizure, everything changes. Isabelle is suddenly granted entry into Las Brisas, a magical world where Julian’s physical limitations disappear, and one she discovers that he visits every night. The more Isabelle explores Las Brisas, the more possibilities she sees––for Julian, and for herself.


    The Scallop Christmas

    Times were tough in the small New England fishing village where Marcie lived. No one had any money, and work was hard to find. So the villagers rejoiced one glorious fall when an unexpected bounty of scallops filled their little bay. For young Marcie, a week of harvesting scallops also brought an unexpected adventure and a lesson about love that she would never forget.

  • Anna Crowley Redding, author of Chowder Rules

    Anna Crowley Redding is the author of Rescuing the Declaration of IndependenceGoogle It: A History of Google and Elon Musk: A Mission to Save the World. Her first career was as an Emmy-award winning investigative television reporter, anchor, and journalist. The recipient of multiple Edward R. Murrow awards and recognized by the Associated Press for her reporting, Crowley Redding now focuses her stealthy detective skills on digging up great stories for young readers––which, as it turns out, is her true passion.


    Sarah Marie Aliberti Jette, author of What the Wind Can Tell You

    Sarah Marie Aliberti Jette grew up in Lewiston, Maine, in a house filled with books. Like Isabelle, the main character in What the Wind Can Tell You, Jette is Mexican-American. “I made Isabelle Mexican-American because I wanted to write the character I searched for as a child," says Jette. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, she served in the Peace Corps in Mongolia, studied rehabilitation counseling, and now has the best job in the world: teaching fourth-graders. When she’s not writing, she’s crafting wit