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Mabel Takes the Ferry

Canine sailor Mabel, a summer resident of Islesboro, Maine, took an unauthorized ferry trip aboard the Margaret Chase Smith to Lincolnville Beach. There, Mabel visited a restaurant, made a few friends, and tasted some lobster before finally returning home. Sailors and Mainers will enjoy the descriptions of Penobscot Bay and beautiful Islesboro, and children will giggle at Mabel's adventures.

Mabel Takes the Ferry

  • Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 32

    Genre: Children's Picture Book

    Ages: 4-6

    ISBN: 9781934031995

    Publication Date: 2012

    Dimensions: 9.40 x 7.10 x 0.10

    Shipping Weight: 4 oz

  • he real-life owner of Mabel, the star of Mabel Takes the Ferry, Emily Chetkowski is the author of seven children's books. Best known for her Mabel series of books, she gathers her book ideas from the world around her, basing many of them on true stories. Mabel Takes the Ferry, first published in 1995, was cited and included in the Camden, Maine, library's Children's Garden as one of Maine's most notable children's books. Formerly a long-time summer resident of the island of Islesboro, Maine, she resides on a farm in southern New Hampshire. Dawn Peterson has illustrated several other books by Emily Chetkowski including Mabel Takes a Sail, Amasa Walker's Splendid Garment, and Pumpkin Smile. She is also the illustrator of Miss Renee's Mice, Miss Renee's Mice Go to an Exhibition, Helen, Ethel and the Crazy Quilt, Orphan Seal, and L.L. Bear's Island Adventure. Her work has appeared in several magazines and on many gift and stationery items.