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The Best of Bert and I (CD)

Celebrating 50 Years of Stories from Down East

CD, 34 Tracks, Humor

ISBN: 978-1-934031-05-6



About this Book:

Our best-selling CD features the best routines selected from the four original Bert and I CDs, plus stories taken from Bert and I On Stage and The Downeast Smile-In television show featuring Marshall Dodge. All tracks on this commemorative CD have been digitally remastered for clarity. These 34 stories wonderfully capture the groundbreaking, iconic brilliance of Dodge and Bryan, and include Bert and I, Which Way to Millinocket?, Set ‘er again, Gagnon, and No News.

Track List for The Best of Bert and I:

  1. Bert and I  
  2. Which Way to Millinocket?
  3. The Liar 
  4. The Body in the Kelp 
  5. Mad Dog 
  6. Arnold Bunker Testifies 
  7. Down East Socialism 
  8. By a Fluke 
  9. Directions 
  10. The Chicken Truck 
  11. The Silent Chain Saw 
  12. Gagnon 
  13. Bear in the Spring 
  14. Texas vs. Maine 
  15. The Captain and the Lady 
  16. Birth Control 
  17. Virgil Bliss  
  18. Too Late, Mr. Perkins 
  19. Camden Pierce Goes to New York 
  20. Virgil and Hattie 
  21. The Whole Load 
  22. No News 
  23. At the Graveyard 
  24. Lewis Bayard and the Judge
  25. Suicide 
  26. The Pet Turkey 
  27. The Lament of Age 
  28. The Plane Ride 
  29. One Heckuva Draft 
  30. Beginner's Luck 
  31. Set Her Again 
  32. Two Lobstermen 
  33. Muddy Walking 
  34. Census Taker
The Best of Bert and I
Robert Bryan

About this Author

Robert Bryan (1931-2018) helped launch Bert and I with Marshall Dodge in part by drawing upon his memories from childhood summers spent at his beloved Tunk Lake, where he was fascinated by the area's stories



Marshall Dodge

About this Author

Marshall "Mike" Dodge (1935-1982) stands undeniably as a godfather of Down East humor, bringing an energy and imagination to the stage that took him from a small Connecticut studio to his standing as the premier "New



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