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The Old Mainer and the Sea

Hardcover, 32 p, Picture Book, Ages 4-8

ISBN: 978-1-944762-27-8



About this Book:

Eben goes out fishing one day, rowing six miles from his island home towards the harbor on the mainland, hauling in cod as he goes. But a porpoise tangles his lines, fog rolls in, and an accident leads to a broken oar. Lonely, tired, and adrift, Eben is almost ready to give in to the embrace of the sea, when rescue comes in an unexpected form. The Old Mainer and the Sea is an allegorical tale about the circular nature of hope and deliverance.

The Old Mainer and the Sea

“Dieumegard's illustrations are composed of basic shapes and bright colors: trees are tall, stretched triangles, the water is marvelously swirled, and the fog's made up of elongated blobs piled on top of one another. . . . Elements of a legend and a folk tale combine to highlight the good deed of a hardworking Maine fisherman.”
Kirkus Reviews

"Color and composition are richly used to bring to life moments of calm and moments of chaos . . . The two women have created a memorable story with their combined gifts as storytellers using words and images. "
The Quoddy Times

“The book is a visual delight with a captivating story, a magic combination for young children.”
––Portland Press Herald, read more here

“ a tender tale about an old fisherman and a porpoise, with a comfortable, happy ending [. . . ] beautifully illustrated by Standish artist Mari Dieumegard, using oils and pastels, and the story is warm and exciting, [. . .]  The moral: Kindness is always returned, some way, some time.”
––Bushnell on Books, Central Maine Newspapers

Dec. 3: Meet Jean Flahive

Dec. 3: Meet Jean Flahive

On Sunday, December 3, Jean Flahive will be signing copies of her children's picture book, "The Old Mainer and the Sea" at South Portland Historical Society, 55 Bug Light Park, South Portland, Maine from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Jean Mary Flahive

About this Author

Jean Flahive has a passion for shedding light on lesser known pieces of Maine history, blending historical realities with works of fiction. She is co-author of two children’s picture books, Remember Me, Toma



About this Illustrator

Mari Dieumegard is an artist and illustrator. She was born and raised in Alaska, but her home is a yellow house with purple doors near a lake in Maine which she shares with her husband and two children. She is a graduate...


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