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Fourth of July Meals From Our Cookbooks to Your Table

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Looking to switch up your typical Fourth of July menu? Did last year's pie recipe disappoint? Need to pull together a meal for last-minute plans?

We've got you covered.

Here is a selection of recipes gathered from multiple Islandport cookbooks, mixing fresh twists on traditional holiday food with well-known Maine staples and classic summer meals.

Always In Season

This cookbook goes through each month of the year and has recipes for the New England produce that is in season that month. July features beets, blueberries, chard, corn, and sour cherries.

This is a wonderful option for the vegetarians out there, or can balance out a plate with meat. Branch out by trying a less common leafy green!


We all know and love the classic strawberry shortcake. Switch things up by exchanging your strawberries for cherries with this homemade dessert!


Green Plate Special

I love that this cookbook focuses on sustainability. Christine Burns Rudalevige shows how easy it is to be more green without sacrificing the flavor of your meals. I'm sure that there are leftovers in your fridge you can put to good, exciting use this July 4th!

Add a bit of spice to your classic burger this Fourth of July!


This is the perfect side to whatever grilled meal you might make. Try out some different ingredients in your slaw this summer!


Try out a homemade dressing!


These are a perfect appetizer to snack on for all ages!


Maine Community Cookbook Vol. 2

This cookbook has recipes from all sixteen Maine counties, gathered from everyday Maine families. There's a great variety of recipes in here, passed down through generations and now to you! Can't find a recipe for what you're looking for? Check out Volume 1 and the Bicentennial edition of the Maine Community Cookbook.

Make these beans on the 3rd to get the best taste for the 4th!


You can't have a Fourth of July party without blueberries or pie! Is your oven already occupied? No worries—this pie is a no-bake wonder, full of delicious wild Maine blueberries.


We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do and have a wonderful Fourth of July! If you're interested in seeing more recipes from these cookbooks, they are available for purchase at

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