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Late Summer Reads for Kids

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Islandport is here to banish all fears of late summer boredom! Encourage reading with some of our titles geared toward the little ones in your life. Perfect for story-times read aloud or escaping under the shade, these books will entertain and inspire your kids to have their own adventures!


Hector Fox and friends run through the woods.

Hector Fox

by Astrid Sheckels

The Hector Fox series are picture books created by award-winning author and illustrator Astrid Sheckels, featuring Hector Fox, Lucy Skunk, Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Jeremiah Rabbit, and surprise friends.


Hector Fox and the Giant Quest
The Giant Quest

Ready for adventure, Hector Fox and his charming woodland friends put down their storybooks and bravely set out on a quest to see if fairy-tale giants really do exist.


Hector Fox and the Raven's Revenge
The Raven's Revenge

Answering a call for help, Hector Fox and friends rush through the Green Wood on an adventure that includes a mysterious black feather, an ancient Stone Tower, an angry raven's threat ... and maybe a little danger.


Hector Fox and the Daring Flight
The Daring Flight

Hector Fox and his friends realize they must work as a team if they want to invent and build a flying machine to soar like a bird. Just when the afternoon looks like a great success, their plans go haywire. Will a hero come to their rescue?


Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery
The Map of Mystery

When Hector Fox and his friends find an old map floating in the Stony Brook, they set out on another grand adventure. But when they are ambushed by a fearsome gang of coyotes and locked away in a secret cave, it will take bravery, cunning, and teamwork to escape and learn the true meaning of treasure.


At One In a Place Called Maine
At One: In a Place Called Maine

Journey through pine laden forests, across rolling farmland, and over the sprawling mountains of Maine!


At One: In a Place called Maine is a love letter to the state of Maine, lyrically and graphically celebrating its inspirational beauty from the wilds of Baxter State Park to the crashing waves of the Atlantic. All of the scenes featured in At One were inspired by award-winning author Lynn Plourde’s experiences, including twin fawns who visited her backyard in Winthrop, a hike up Katahdin, cross-country skiing by moonlight, and an encounter with a bear while camping. At One is sure to become a classic Maine picture book.


Coloring Maine
Coloring Maine

If your kids are itching for something artsy to do this summer, we have a wonderful coloring book showcasing the many sides of vacationland!


Woodblock prints by artist Blue Butterfield make for a welcome and uncommon entry in the coloring book market. The artist’s hand-carved lines allow the colorer to bring more of his or her own artistic interpretation to the page, coloring inside or outside of the lines to create an original piece of art. Butterfield’s prints capture the beauty of Maine’s varied landscapes, from Acadia to Katahdin, from inland ponds to brick-lined streets, from swimming holes to the rugged coast. Spanning all four seasons, this coloring book will delight young artists and adult colorers alike.


Nic and Nellie
Nic and Nellie

This is such a sweet read about finding comfort in a new place and making friends along the way. A girl and her dog have a special bond, join Nic and Nellie for some fun adventures!


Everyone gets homesick. And Nic is no different. She's so excited about spending the entire summer on a small New England island with her grandparents that she counts down the days through winter and spring. But when the grand adventure finally begins, she finds tears and loneliness instead of joy and freedom.

Astrid Sheckels' picture book Nic and Nellie is a gorgeously illustrated, heartwarming story of a girl and her beloved dog, Nellie, who slowly learn that new places really aren't so scary, and that often friends can be found around every corner, even in old row boats, tidal ponds, and stinky mud flats.


There Are No Moose on This Island

There Are No Moose on This Island

This is an adventure based on an island off the coast of Maine that will have you on the look out for clues to this wandering moose. Make sure you scan every inch of the page for a glimpse of antlers or hooves!


Jake's excited about going on a trip to an island, and he really, really, really wants to see a moose. But his dad insists: There are no moose on this island. Both Jake and a friendly moose would like to disagree! In playful rhymes, author Stephanie Calmenson brings the reader along with Jake and his dad, as they explore the mammals, birds, insects, and sea life on and around the island. With graceful illustrations by Jennifer Thermes, Jake (and the reader) start to see the moose, a little bit at a time, but Dad's either got his nose in a book or has binoculars glued to his eyes. In the end, it's Jake who shows his dad the value of putting aside the guidebook and ferry schedule to truly experience the beauty and magic of the outdoors.

The Fish House Door
The Fish House Door

This is a heartwarming story about the value of generational ties to land and sea––as well as one family's fish house door.


Shawn comes from a long line of island lobstermen. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather have all hauled traps, baited pockets, painted buoys and cleaned their brushes on the door of the same fish house for decades. To Shawn, it's just a weathered old piece of wood with broken hinges. But when an art dealer comes to visit, he gives Shawn a new perspective on the fish house door, giving him a fresh look at the people and traditions that have shaped his past and will chart his future.


Happy Reading!

Flowers by the Sea

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