The Fire Balloon

The Fire Balloon is a novel rich with a knowledge of life —telling of a kind of people, and of one particular American family, who seem timeless and enduring as the rocks and tides of their own Maine country. The tang of salt water is strong in the women as in the men, and the sea itself is the solid, ever-changing background for ... The Fire Balloon.

The Fire Balloon

SKU: 9005
  • Written by Ruth Moore

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 348

    Genre: Adult Fiction

    Ages: All

    ISBN: 0942396782

    Publication Date: Originally published by William Morrow & Co., reissued by Blackberry Books in 2004.

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.88

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lbs.



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