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Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery (Signed Edition)

While fishing on Stony Brook, Hector Fox and his friend find an old map hidden in a floating bottle. Hoping to find a secret treasure, the friends set off into the woods on their latest adventure.  When a gang of coyotes capture them, steal the map, and lock them in a tunnel, it will take brains, bravery, and teamwork to escape and discover the true meaning of treasure.


Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery is the fourth in a series of picture books created by award-winning author and illustrator Astrid Sheckels, featuring Hector Fox, Lucy Skunk, Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Jeremiah Rabbit, and surprise friends.

Hector Fox and the Map of Mystery (Signed Edition)

  • Written and illustrated by Astrid Sheckels

    Binding: Hardcover

    Pages: 32

    Genre: Children's Picture Books

    Ages: 4-8

    ISBN: 978-1-952143-69-4

    Publication Date: Spring 2023

    Dimensions: 9.5 x 10.5

    Shipping Weight: 1 lbs