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Hector Fox and the Raven's Revenge (Signed)

Signed by Author!

As a growing flock of ravens circles the Stone Tower where they live, three scared mice send a desperate note to Hector Fox, seeking help. Was the long-feared Raven’s Revenge finally coming true? Did danger lie ahead?


With the note and a mysterious black feather as their only clues, Hector and his woodland friends set out through the Green Wood on another adventure to solve the mystery and hopefully save the day.


Hector Fox and the Raven's Revenge is the second in a series of books featuring the delightful adventures of Hector Fox and his charming woodland friends—Mo Marten, Charlie Chipmunk, Lucy Skunk, and Jeremiah Rabbit—as they seek adventure, hunt for giants, solve mysteries, and build friendships.

Hector Fox and the Raven's Revenge (Signed)