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Lies in the Dust

In Salem’s dark days of 1692 and 1693, young girls pointed fingers and accused others of witchcraft, sentencing them to torture, or even death. When the cloud lifted, and the accusations were shown to be false, the girls faced little, if any, penalty. Were they sorry? No one knows. Only one girl, Ann Putnam Jr., felt moved to show remorse publicly. Fourteen years after the trials, Ann wrote a letter of apology. This is her story. This searing graphic novel is a wholly unique portrayal of an untold aspect of the Salem Witch Trials. Through the author’s extensive primary research and the artist’s creative re-imagining, the reader is taken inside the head of Ann Putnam, the only girl to apologize for sending 24 people to their death.

Lies in the Dust

  • Written by Jakob Crane

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 128

    Genre: Graphic Novel | Historical Fiction

    Ages: 12+

    ISBN: 978-1-939017-33-8

    Publication Date: 2014

    Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.38

    Shipping Weight: 0.50 lbs.