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Top 5 | Chelsea Diehl

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Chelsea Diehl is a graduate of Emerson College with a degree in acting and theater education. She founded My College Audition, a one-on-one college audition coaching company. She is also the founder of Gadabout Maine, where Chelsea chronicles her adventures and features must-do hikes, unforgettable stays, not to miss eats, and adventures for all ages. She lives in South Portland, Maine with her husband, Andrew, her daughter, Harper, and rescue pup, Lucy.

Since summer has arrived, we asked Chelsea Diehl what her Top 5 things she likes to take with her while she goes adventuring!


1. Water Bottle

Sounds obvious, but I would never leave the house without a full water bottle, no matter where I am headed.

2. Snacks

Similarly, I always pack more snacks than I think I'll ever likely be able to consume! Almonds and granola bars are my go-tos.

3. Layers

Especially in Maine when the weather can be unpredictable - I always make sure to wear/pack multiple clothing layers. Even in the summer: sweltering days can lead to chilly nights!

4. Insect repellent

In the summer, I am a mosquito/black fly magnet - so, repellent is a must for me! Last summer, I got a bad Brown Tail Moth rash - so, I may need to add to my bag the homemade-remedy I learned last summer: a mix of hydrocortisone cream, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, lidocaine cream and witch hazel! It was a lifesaver and would be good to have on hand for the future.

5. Chapstick

Just ask my family: I have a chapstick in every room in the house. I also have them in my car, hiking bag, suitcase...the list goes on.


just up the road book cover

Just Up The Road: A Year Discovering People, Places, and What Comes Next in the Pine Tree State follows Chelsea Diehl's year-long journey through the state of Maine as she travels far and near to complete one hundred adventures and hopefully gain insight into what she wants to do next with her life. Through candid, humorous, and personal accounts of new and revisited journeys, readers will follow along on her trail of stays, discoveries, hikes, and meals—all while getting to meet some of the people that make them possible and possibly learning a little about the things that truly matter.

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