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Ain't He Some Funny (CD)

Culling from his years of Maine storytelling and from his two wildy popular books, A Moose and a Lobster Walk into a Bar and Down the Road a Piece: A Storyteller's Guide to Maine," humorist John McDonald has selected and presented his best work for this hilarious CD.  McDonald delivers traditional Down East stories, including "Which Way to Bangor?" "She Won't Come Down," and "Set 'er Again," as well as his take on helping tourists, speaking the Maine language, mud season and much more. The 77-minute CD has 25 selections.

Track List for Ain't He Some Funny:

1. Introduction 
2. Helping Tourists 
3. Speaking the Language 
4. Which Way to Bangor? 
5. Old Buzzard Airlines 
6. She Won't Come Down 
7. Maine Wildlife 
8. State's Biggest Liar 
9. Effy 
10. Will Carpenter, Pig Breeder 
11. Uncle Earl's Housekeeper 
12. Sherm Ames Wins a Bet
13. Alligator Shoes 
14. Grandpa Gets Married 
15. The Seatbelt Law 
16. Set 'er Again 
17. Sleeping a Little Late 
18. Go South, Old Man 
19. Long Term Commitment 
20. Excuse Me, I've Got to Go 
21. Mud Season 
22. Dad's Old Outhouse 
23. The Great Cherryfield Voting Scandal 
24. Miracle Cure 
25. Small Town Religion

Ain't He Some Funny (CD)