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Winner of the 2022 IPPY Award for Best Military/Wartime Fiction 


The cost of war is universal. Who pays the price of peace? 


Award-winning author William Carpenter examines the bitter legacy of 9/11 and terrorism in this ambitious novel about the nature of conflict and loss. Nick Colonna is a young veteran returning from Iraq to his hometown on the coast of Maine after an IED explosion killed the other members of his vehicle crew and left him deaf. Struggling with trauma, in a half-world between sanity and madness, Nick finds solace in memories of better times on nearby Amber Island: a private sanctuary owned by a Boston family and its illustrious patriarch, Marston Fletcher. The family is set on developing the island, much to the despair of the youngest Fletcher daughter: Julia, who stumbles upon Nick as he settles into becoming a worker on the island. As Nick battles his inner demons, Julia fights her family, and Amber Island faces demolition, Carpenter raises many questions about what survives carnage and loss, and where in a divided and chaotic world is there room for peace and silence.