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Tributaries is a collection of contemporary outdoor essays exploring the line between passion and obsession. Written through the lens of a late-30-something, the book explores complex, evolving relationships between fathers and sons; between fishing buddies; between anglers and guides; and between outdoorspeople and the landscapes they cherish. From the pine-encroached rivers of Maine’s Aroostook County, to the turquoise flats of Florida Bay, author Ryan Brod draws unexpected parallels between places, while introducing unforgettable characters determined to follow their outdoor passions no matter the cost. Rendered in vivid detail, Tributaries examines tensions between presence and memory, illuminating fleeting yet transcendent moments.


  • Written by Ryan Brod

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 200 pages

    Genre: Outdoors | Essays

    Ages: All

    ISBN: 978-1-952143-76-2

    Publication Date: October 2023

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 

    Shipping Weight: 0.54 lbs.