Who would like a Christmas tree? The answer may surprise you! From January through December, these trees are food, shelter, nesting grounds, and much more for diverse animals and insects. Readers delight in turning the page to see what purpose the balsam fir has for the white-tailed deer, the monarch butterflies, the fox, or the black-capped chickadees. In the back of the book, the Christmas tree farmer speaks of what she does to take care of her farm around the year. Now for the first time in paperback!

Who Would Like A Christmas Tree?

SKU: 2150
  • Written by Ellen Bryan Obed

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 32

    Genre: Children's Picture Book | Nonfiction

    Ages: 4-8

    ISBN: 978-1-944762-83-4

    Publication Date: 2019 (Islandport edition)

    Dimensions: 11.0 x 7.75 x 0.13

    Shipping Weight: 0.38 lbs.



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