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Black Fly Stew: Simple Gourmet Lamb

Kate Krukowski Gooding returns to release another in her Black Fly Stew series: Simple Gourmet Lamb with Side Dishes and Wine Pairings. This time around, Kate is offering up tantalizing lamb recipes, colorfully tasteful side dishes and paired grapes and wine for a total meal. It is an eclectic collection of over 100 recipes from India, Jamaica, Greece, Italy, France, Romania and more.

Black Fly Stew: Simple Gourmet Lamb

  • Written by Kate Krukowski Gooding

    Binding: Softcover

    Pages: 110

    Genre: Cookbook

    Ages: All

    ISBN: 978-1934031-97-1

    Publication Date: 2009

    Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.4

    Shipping Weight: 0.45 lbs.


  • Kate Gooding was raised between Enfield, Connecticut and Jackman, Maine. Working and running restaurants, catering events and private parties, she put herself through college. A self-trained chef, Kate hostesses annual Solstice Parties, creating culinary adventures for friends on the longest night of the year. She holds an ABA from the University of Southern Maine and a BA in Communications and Marketing from Northeastern University. She has worked as a project consultant for several companies over the course of the last twenty years.

    Between writing cookbooks, Kate holds wild game cooking demonstrates from Maine-inspired dishes from Milwaukee, WI, to Perry, Maine. She has appeared on Portland, Maine's WCSH-TV show 207 for an "In the Kitchen" feature with Rob Caldwell, Lee Nelson and Sharon Rose, as well as the Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern," a Boston show “”, which is a video site specializing in cooking and food-related how-to videos, as well as George Smith’s Wildfire and many radio shows. She was also a food columnist for Dancing Spoon, an online food magazine, for two years.

    In addition to Black Fly Stew: Wild Maine RecipesSimple Gourmet Lamb with Side Dishes and Wine Pairings50 Ways to Eat a Beaver and Free-Range Fish & Lobster, Kate has also written two specialty cookbooks for private companies.